Crab Roll

Crab, cheese and a mustard mayonnaise sauce


Ham & Cheese Roll

Ham, cheese and a mustard mayonnaise sauce


Portuguese Sausage Roll

Portuguese sausage, cheese and a garlic mayonnaise sauce


Pizza Roll

Pepperoni, cheese and a marinara sauce


Flying Saucer

A sloppy joe mixture with cheese



A turkey dog


Spam Roll

Spam, cheese and a mustard mayonnaise sauce



Roasted pork with green onion and water chestnuts


Egg & Bacon Croissant

Our buttery flaky croissant with an egg and bacon


Spam Musubi

Spam, furikake, rice and seaweed.


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SWEET (everybody's got a sweet tooth)

Apple turnover

Imagine a bite size apple pie...a light flaky pastry filled with apple pie topped with icing


Coconut turnover

An island favorite, a flaky pastry filled with shredded coconut


Cherry turnover

A bite size cherry pie


Nutella turnover

Chocolate and hazelnut spread...need we way more?


Cinnamon roll


Blueberry scone


Lilikoi scone

Our Passion fruit scone is both tart from the Liilikoi, but also sweet from the icing on top...the best of both worlds


Apple roll

Like a cinnamon roll, but with apples...Mom would be proud


Cherry roll

Tart cherry with sweet cream cheese icing


Blueberry roll

Blueberry with sweet cream cheese icing



Portuguese donuts, rolled in sugar. A bite size piece of heaven


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